"The One Day of the Year"

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Opening Tues April 25,
Saturdays May 6 and 13

April  26, 27, 28, 29,
May   3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12

Fri/Sat/Sun  April 21 to May 13
11am to 3pm (until sold out)

"The One Day of the Year"

a drama

by Alan Seymour

directed by Adrian Smith

Anzac Day opening celebration Tuesday April 25.

 “I’m a bloody Australian, mate, and it’s because I’m a bloody Australian
that I’m gettin’ on the grog. It’s Anzac Day this week, that’s my day,
 that’s the old Diggers’ day.” – Alf.


The One Day of the Year follows the Cook family during the week of Anzac Day. While ex-WWII soldier Alf Cook and his friend Wacka Dawson
are preparing for Anzac Day celebrations, they reminisce over a few drinks,
much to the ire of Alf’s wife Dot. Hughie, Alf’s son, is a university student;
his higher education means he finds it difficult to communicate
with his working class parents.

Whilst Alf clings to Anzac Day with pride, seeing it as the one time of the year
old Diggers can get together and be commemorated,
Hughie regards it merely as an excuse for them all to get drunk.
Hughie and his new North Shore girlfriend Jan Castle
set out to do an article for the university paper,
with Hughie taking photographs of intoxicated Anzac Day revelers.
When Alf sees the article, even Dot cannot bring peace to the family and the chasm between the two generations grows even more unbridgeable.

The story raises poignant questions around class, education,
inter-generational communication, free expression,
respect for people and history, and our attitudes towards war.

It is, above all, an excellent study of Australian character and identity.
Anzac Day has evolved considerably today and it must be noted that this play was written by Alan Seymour in the 50’s at a time when attitudes and values around the day were very different to 2017.

Doors Open at 7pm, for a performance commencing at 7.30pm - late comers will not be admitted


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