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The Society is an incorporated body with a formal constitution. An Annual General Meeting is held in February each year at which the committee members are elected for the following year. The committee consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Administrative Vice-president, and six ordinary committee members. The committee is responsible for all administrative aspects of the theatre, including finances, building maintenance, membership, technical matters etc. Committee meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. All members of the Society are welcome at these meetings, though they should be aware that only committee members have the right to put forward proposals and formally vote.

The Production Sub-committee
The production subcommittee is headed by the Production Vice-president and consisting of a number of other members of the Society nominated by the committee, meet as required to manage the production aspects of the theatre. The Production Subcommittee chooses plays, selects directors, actors and crew for each major production in advance of each calendar year. Casting is done from the current active list of financial members. The Society has a firm policy that only financial members may take part in activities of the Society.